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My Meals – January 2014 – Mostly Paleo/Keto

January 31, 2014 | 2 Comments

I tried to take pictures of every meal I had in January. I think I skipped a few and didn’t include many of the snacks I had. I had a butter coffee for breakfast every day during the week and most of my weekly lunches were identical batch meals.

January 3rd – Breakfast Omelette – Red Peppers, Green Onions

Jan 3 Breakfast

January 4th – Breakfast – Bacon, Eggs, Pineapple, Blackberry

Jan 4 Breakfast

January 4th – Dinner – Ground Beef, with onion and spinach – Recipe> Juicy Beef, Creamy Spinach, Sauteed Onions

Jan 4 Dinner

January 5th – Dinner – Sausages, with homemade sauerkraut and sauteed onions

Jan 5 Dinner

January 7th – Dinner – Sirloin steak, broccoli cooked in butter, sauteed onions, and a creamy sauce based with beef fat

jan 7

January 9th – Dinner – Sirloin steak with creamy beef fat sauce

jan 9 - dinner

January 9th – Butter Kale Chips to go with the Steak > Recipe

jan 9 - kale

Typical Morning Butter Coffee – Every day during the week – Half a stick of butter, sometimes an egg, hot water, a splash of coffee to taste. (Half finished here)

jan 9

Jan 10th – Dinner – Cut up sausages with  sauerkraut and creamy beef fat sauce

jan 10 dinner

Jan 11th – Breakfast – Sauteed red pepper and onions, cooked with egg whites, egg yolk raw, with bacon

jan 11 breakfast

January 11th – Lunch/Snack – Cheese and meat plate – salami, cranberry goat cheese, and blackberries

jan 11 lunch

January 12th – Breakfast – Eggs sunny side up, bacon, salami, snow peas, apple, pineapple, and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter

jan 12 breakfast

January 12th – Dinner – Home cooked back pork ribs – with a kansas city rib rub

jan 12 dinner

January 14th – Dinner – Bacon and Kale Chips

jan 14 dinner

January 13-16 – Lunches – Slow cooked pulled pork, with garlic, carrots, spinach, and onions

jan 14-20 lunch

Jan 15th – Dinner – Bacon, green beans sauteed in butter, minced carrot with onions and butter slightly baked

jan 15 dinner

January 16th – Dinner – Prime Rib Steak – Cooked Tim Ferriss’s Sexy Time Steak Style

jan 16 dinner

January 20th – Dinner – Homemade ground pork Italian sausage patties, with caramelized onions and sauerkraut

jan 20 dinner

January 22 – Dinner – Homemade Italian sausage patties, sauteed onions with spinach, and sauerkraut

jan 22 dinner

January 24th – Cheat/Carb Dinner – Sushi/Sashumi

jan 24 - cheat dinner

January 25th – Lunch/Snack – Homemade Bacon!

jan 25 - lunch

January 25th – Brunch – Eggs Sunny side up, blueberries, black berries, and prosciutto

jan 25 brunch

January 26th – Lunch/Snack – Homemade Bacon

jan 26 lunch

January 28th – Dinner – 100% bacon burger patties, from homemade bacon, with sauteed onions and spinach

jan 28 dinner

January 29th – Dinner – Homemade bacon, sliced up with meat slicer

jan 29 dinner

January 29th – This week’s Lunch – Homemade Pork Liver Pate and Mixed veggies (This is also what I had the week of jan 20-23rd)

jan 29 lunch

January 30th – Lunch – Homemade Pork Pate – carrots, broccoli, and cucumber

jan 30 lunch




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  1. Creative meals ! I do feel like I need to pass on the information regarding pork. All pork cells heavily induce toxemia – too much bacteria in pork. Personally, I stick with grass-fed lamb and wild-caught salmon and that fuels me for the day 🙂

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